Changemakers of 2023

Vedanshi Mehta | Arushi Ganguly | Aarav Mohanraj

Where Innovation Meets Sustainability

Shubhashree Sahu

Multi Functional Eco-Friendly
Agro Machine

Shreyansh Nayak

Automatic Machine For Ready To Grow Oyster Mushroom Bags

Sharvi Baisiwala

Optimization For Cyclists' Posture Using Real Time Embedded System And Data Analysis

Yash Yadav

Intervention for Inclusion of women in STEM

Are you a young thinker with big ideas,
ready to solve real-world problems, and fueled by the wonders of
technology and innovation?

This national-level award encourages young minds to explore the endless possibilities of technology for the betterment of our society and your chance to become the next Changemaker!

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vivo Ignite Technology & Innovation Awards are open to all Indian students of Grades 8 to 12. The awards will unfold in 3 stages from November 2023 to February 2024

*subject to terms and conditions

We are in association with

iHUB DivyaSampark IIT Roorkee

The Top 25 innovative ideas are currently under evaluation and will be assessed for their potential for incubation / research / start-up

Changemakers of 2022

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Key Highlights of vivo ignite 2023